Programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR)


AL-IV (Algorithmic Language Four)is a



object oriented

programming language

with minimal introduction level,

allowing easy porting applications to any platform,

with a very high level of safety and stability, with a controllable level of code protection,

with a high efficiency of an executable code.


Link to the SourceForge AL-IV repository. (Open in a new window/tab)

Direct link to the last version of the compiler (zip archive, 27 MB).
Direct link to the last version of the IDE AL4 (zip archive, does not contain binaries, 150KB)

Example (Hello, World!)

{Hello_world}, UNTESTED :

FUNCTION Main|_hello :
    << "Hello, World!" >> .



Current state (January, 2018)
  • compilers from AL-IV to C#, C++, Delphi (32 bit old style)/Free Pascal and Java are ready;
  • it is possible to create console applications with AL-IV;
  • a visual components library is ready to use (it is possible to create applications with graphical interface for Windows, for Java awt - on any desktop system).
  • OpenGL is supported;
  • Database support, embedded SQL-like statements;
  • automatic strings localization, support of coding on national languages (including translation of the language keywords);
  • there is a small IDE AL4 created with AL-IV and allowing to edit source, run compiler, see errors (though there is no a debugger there yet).


(C) 2016-2017, Vladimir Kladov