Programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR)


AL-IV (Algorithmic Language Four)is a



object oriented

programming language

with minimal introduction level,

allowing easy porting applications to any platform,

with a very high level of safety and stability, with a controllable level of code protection,

with a high efficiency of an executable code.


Link to the SourceForge AL-IV repository. (Open in a new window/tab)

AL-IV-2018-06-07(v0.90.6).zip - direct link to the last version of the compiler (zip archive, 4MB)
IDE_AL4.zip - direct link to the last version of the IDE AL4 (zip, 200KB)

Example (Hello, World!)



Current state (June, 2018)
  • compilers from AL-IV to C#, C++, Delphi (32 bit old style)/Free Pascal and Java are ready (Python is in progress);
  • it is possible to create console and GUI applications with AL-IV (for Windows and Linux);
  • a visual components library is ready to use (it is possible to create applications with graphical interface for Windows and Linux, for Java awt - on any desktop system).
  • OpenGL is supportedd;
  • Database support, embedded SQL-like statements;
  • automatic strings localization, support of coding on national languages (including translation of the language keywords);
  • there is a small IDE AL4 created with AL-IV and allowing to edit source, run compiler, see errors (though there is no a debugger there yet).


(C) 2016-2018, Vladimir Kladov